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Brand Concept; The Stage II (2022 - Future)

品牌理念; 第二阶段 ( 2022 - 未来)

White Hole is a magic field to rebound the adverse effects.



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品牌理念; 第一阶段 ( 2015-2020 )

Brand Concept; The Stage II (2015-2020)

首饰品牌JEE SUN JIFF SUN 是于2015年在德国慕尼黑注册的珠宝首饰品牌。神秘的象征符号是JEE SUN JIFF SUN的灵感来源,并在丰富的材料里寻找自然生命的偶发痕迹,把无形的精神力量化为有形,带入人们的真实世界。品牌于2018年易名为JIEYI。

JEE SUN JIFF SUN is a designer’s jewellery brand registered in Munich, Germany since 2015. Derived inspiration from enigmatic symbolic signs, JEE SUN JIFF SUN explores fortuitous signs of natural life from materials, empower the tangible jewellery with spiritual strength, and bring people into real world.The brand. The brand  renamed to "JIEYI" in 2018. 

Mid-range customization
Moodboard 情绪板

Graphic/ Stickers  

Personalized packaging​ 

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